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Whether you need one performer, a trio or the full orchestra, we can help make your event a success!

Part of the mission of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra is to provide employment opportunities for our community’s finest jazz musicians, linking talented professionals with serious consumers interested in supporting live jazz. Our band features artists who represent the highest level of musicianship and professionalism in any setting.

Ensemble Size                 Cost (for 1-3 hours)             Cost (for 4+ hours)     
Trio                                        (Starting at) $1000                    (Starting at)$1250
Quartet                                (Starting at) $1300                    (Starting at)$1500
Quintet                                (Starting at) $1625                    (Starting at)$2000
Octet                                    (Starting at) $3000                    (Starting at)$4000
Full Big Band                    Please contact us for specific pricing and availability

Please contact the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra at  or 216-287-0945 to discuss arrangements.

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