The Air of Your Ways

In this CJO Educational Outreach video, CJO trombonist Scott Garlock offers methods to improve lung capacity and air efficiency.

Basic Ear Training on Your Horn

In this Educational Outreach video prepared by the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra some approaches and exercises are shared to help develop ‘playing by ear’ with CJO lead trombonist Scott Garlock.

Becoming the Best Trumpet Player You Can Be in 5 Minutes

CJO Lead Trumpet player Dave Banks shares a number of points and exercises to quickly improve many aspects of successful trumpet playing.

Aidan Plank “Playing Pizzicato on the Bass”

CJO Bassist Aidan Plank shares his expertise on acoustic bass fundamentals and specifically on getting the best out of pizzicato playing.

Trumpet Warmup Routines with Theresa May

in this CJO Educational Outreach video, Theresa shares her thoughts on preparing the embouchure and preparing the use of air for successful brass playing.

Chris Anderson-“Three Steps in Starting Improvisation”

CJO Trombonist Chris Anderson shares an easy plan to developing and improving improvisation.

Tips for Sightreading Bettyjeane Quimby-CJO Educational Outreach Video #6

In this CJO Educational Outreach Video, CJO Saxist Bettyjeane Quimby shares an effective and methodical path towards improving sight reading. This is suitable for players of all levels of ability.

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