Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.

Art Blakey

As the holiday season draws near, we continue to look for things that will distract, divert, and delight us, and, if you’re getting this newsletter (lucky you!), that means one of those things you love is jazz.

We’re here to help you out with some resources and recommendations –
maybe you will stumble upon a new artist or tune that you just can’t live without!

Sharing the Music

Due to the inability for large crowds and live performances to take place, live streaming is an option. If you crave the magic that happens among musicians on stage, jamming away, there are some ways you can experience that in the comfort of your own home.

If you head to our YouTube site, you can catch up on a mix of our latest benefit, concerts, and the educational outreach videos created in the spring to help students, music teachers, and band directors. https://bit.ly/CJOYouTubeHome

A local gem, the Bop Stop, is having live shows, and many of them are being live streamed. If you want to be IN the room where it happens, they are sometimes selling a very limited number of tickets, OR you can watch from your sofa! Check out their calendar: https://www.themusicsettlement.org/calendar/

A great resource for jazz lovers is Jazz at Lincoln Center. They, too, are feeling the pain of not performing live, but their site outlines a number of concerts you can catch online for FREE, and they update the site regularly. https://www.jazz.org/blog/coronavirus-jazz-livestreams/

For jazz and beyond, the Kennedy Center has brought together a variety of performances, across genres, that are available to watch online: https://www.kennedy-center.org/digitalstage/arts-across-america/?fbclid=IwAR3Y_RYExy8BndxXLFRICV8eN5AxlvGiX8jYUCHPoRsFLUGPI4dAa76COHU


During these trying times, cellist Yo-Yo Ma started sharing #SongsOfComfort online, and encouraging others to do the same. And, honestly, who doesn’t need a little comfort? PBS featured his call to action back in the spring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wczq8RjxA9M

Search for the hashtag #SongsOfComfort on social media, or check out his YouTube page for more music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHWa5v6bbSxpns7mUfC3e5g


Looking for podcasts on jazz? NPR is one great resource. Three different program options are:


…and More

If you are just seeking out jazz to listen to, you can head here for what’s playing on Jazz 24 right now: https://www.jazz24.org/

You can catch up on various performances from past concerts of the Montreux Jazz Festival here: https://www.montreuxjazzfestival.com/en/50-concerts-to-stream/

Finally (for now), the site Project Revolver is an amazing collection of people sharing music of all sorts – jazz and beyond. Here are some jazz playlists that feature artists you may not yet know: https://projectrevolver.org/?s=jazz

Holidays are Coming…

With the holidays creeping closer, don’t forget the jazz lovers in your life. Check out our online shop: https://clevelandjazz.org/shop/

We’d love to know what you are listening to, watching, streaming. Comfortable favorites or being adventurous?

Share the music!