One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.

John Coltrane

As our fiscal year draws to a close, we want to thank YOU, all of our wonderful fans, donors, grantors, and partners. While this was a less than traditional year for all of us, we hope you’ve enjoyed the livestream shows, the jazz history, listening tips, and music fun we’ve shared. We are looking forward to our upcoming season and can’t wait to share more details soon! In the meantime, we couldn’t have done this without your generous support and encouragement.

We also want to give a special shout-out to the Bop Stop, who made the livestreams possible, and who really helped keep the music alive in the CLE!

Cleveland Jazz Orchestra Donors 2020 – 2021

Composer’s Circle ($5000 – 9999)
Paul Ferguson
David Halliwill
Robin Hughes

Director’s Circle ($1000 – 2499)
Gloria Fine
Sarah & David Gedeon
Joan Gelb
Lynne & Sam Gerace
Jackson Lewis
Audrey & Kenny Koblitz
Arthur Stokes Jr.

Arranger ($500 – 999)
Melodie Grable & Thomas Coffey
Mary & William Conway
Jacquelyn & Eric Daniel
Eleanor Dreshfield
Charlotte & Charles Fowler
Emily & Scott Garlock
Marcia Snavely & Greg Polyak
James Szabo

Soloist ($250 – 499)
Bruce Bartter
Don Bercu
Vivienne & Joel Brotman
Logan Bryant
Linda Grandstaff & Timothy Clarke
Stanley Kline
Ronald Liesemer
Carole & George Morris
Deborah Neale
Michael Neifach, in memory of David Wasserstrom
James Nousek
Anthony Oliverio
Barb Kirkley & Marc Paige
Blanche & Jack Valancy

Lead Chair ($100 – 249)
Judie & Bruce Amsel
Chris Anderson
Louis Armagno
Pat & Chas Baker
Mickey & Bill Barnard
Evie Braman
Beth Sersig & Christopher Brandt
Ron Busch
Judy Charlick
Karen Collado
James Craig, in honor of Christopher Gibbons
Richard Dacek
Carolyn Danielson
Susan Falkman
Mark Ferguson
Lois Gaynor
Steven Girouard
Rose & Barry Greenfield
George Kiteley
Judy Dragin & Howard Kline
Janet Kramer
Theresa & Ben Lesh
Janine Martyn & Frederic Levine
Rebecca Hoyt & Robert Luce
Annette & Theo Morrow
Sue & Rich Pejeau
Karla & Jim Phipps
Katherine Plank
Kevin Roach
Sarah Salisbury
Dennis Schwartz
Toby & Jay Siegel
Judith Spada
Valerie Stromquist
Two Sigma
Kate Van Auken
Paul Vincent
Mary Warren
Kay & Ken Welsh
Kate & Jack Weber
Anne Wilson

Sideman ($1 – 99)
Bernhard Anderson
John Aten
George Bakalar
Loretta Baldwin
Steve Balogh
Steve Berry
Tom Beshara
Fred Billock
Rick Birt
John Blinsky
Marc Buchner
Susan Calhoun
Patricia Cangelosi-Williams
Margo Vinney & Jeffrey Chaitoff
Robert J. Chaka
Jeanette Corlett
Mary Ellen Cotter
Nancy Neylon & Richard Croll
Gregory DeLozier
Delann E. Dempsey
Shreebatsa Dhital
Paul Dietz
Lizz Dregne
Wendy Engel
Michael Enright
James Ernst
Joan Erwin
Deborah Ewers, in honor of Kenneth E. DiFrancesco

Dominick Farinacci
Stewart Freeman
Christine Fuller
Beth Garlock
Maureen Garnett
Maribeth Gibbon
Joan Golding
Sandra Greiner
John Hall
Harry Hatters
Gail & Kenneth Hayden
Mary Harris
Noreen Hernan
Char Jackson
Carl Jenks
Heather Johnson
Stephen Kadish
Jack Kent
Linda Kimmy
Anthony LaBianca
Kevin Laing
Scott Lewis
Sharon Yarnell & John Liston
Jason Livengood
Sarah Longfield
Susan Maddock
Catherine Manzo
Andrea Martin
Dorothy Martin
Theresa May
Cherie Meyers
Mike Miller
Pepe Miller
Barbara Myers
Debra Nagy
Robert Norwick
John Olsson
Judie & David Perelman
David Porter
Jo Anne F. Prasnick
Paul Putnam
Mary Quigley
Mark Reif
Sandra Reynolds
John Romano
Madeline Rosenshein
Edmund Round
Gerald Saidel
Tamara Schneider
Loren Schoenberg
Sondra Schultz
Nancy Schuster
Linda & Ralph Scola
Amanda Matthews & Bob Seaman
Randie Shane
Julie Sieck
Robert Sobnosky
Joann Stamm
Kim Storms
Valerie Takacs
Don Turoso
Susanne Vadnal
Michael Vender
Lorraine Wagner
Kathleen Walder
Tyler Wright
DL & MA Wyatt
Yeager Family
Connie Youngberg

Thank You!

Your donations not only make our season possible, but provide the much needed funding for the CJO to provide outreach in the community and perpetuate the love of jazz for generations to come.