I don’t want to wind-up being parted, broken hearted.

Joe Davis

More music fun & games this week as we introduce another music bracket, this time with the Cuban hit ”Quizás, Quizás, Quizás,” by Osvaldo Farrés (known in English as “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”).

The original version was recorded by Bobby Capó in 1947, and, soon after, it was recorded in English by Desi Arnaz (English lyrics by Joe Davis).

Since its release, it’s been covered by a wide range of artists, across musical genres, and has been heard in a variety of TV and film spots. The interpretations range from more traditional approaches to lyrical to playful. Take a listen and PERHAPS you’ll find a new favorite version.

“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”

Above is the bracket, and here are links to the match-ups. Can you take a stab and fill out who YOU think will be the winner?

Fill this out with how you think this will shake out.

Send your guesses/winners to Theresa@clevelandjazz.org by Monday, August 15th.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share the match-ups on our social media channels, so that we can get to the winner by the end of the month. Once we reveal the winner, if your winners match up to the votes, you can win a CJO prize!

Ben E. King 

Mari Wilson 



Bing Crosby


Desi Arnaz

Gaby Moreno 


The Simmertones

Trio Los Panchos 


Nat King Cole 

Doris Day 


The Koi Boys 

Luis Mariano“Qui sait, qui sait, qui sait”


Ibrahim Ferrer & Omara Portuondo

Henry Mancini & His Orchestra 


Bobby Capó 

The Corsairs



Go forth & listen!